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Participating businesses are given a 10x10 booth area and 6-foot table to prepare, display, and serve product samples.  Volunteers are available throughout the event to help with setup and other needs.  Event partners are asked to provide sample portions for 600 guests as well as any preparation and serving supplies needed. You may hand out marketing/promotional materials, but no sales may take place during the event.


We rely on the generous support of local wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants and caterers to make this event great success.  If you would like to be a part of the 2019 CSUSM Taste for Student Success contact Anna Fleming at (760) 750-4406 or


We secure a special event license from the ABC and comply with all ABC requirements. Click below to sign up or scroll down for more info.


  • ​10 x 10 booth area

  • 10 x 10 white pop-up

  • ​​One 6-foot table with linen for displaying food or beverage items to be served

  • Tasting plate and tasting glass for guests

  • Plastic utensils (if requested)

  • ​Beverage napkins

  • ​​Electrical power/outlet (if requested)

  • ​​Water

  • Ice (if requested)

  • ​Volunteers will be available to assist you throughout the event

  • Bartender to pour (for exhibitors serving wine, beer, or spirits, as required by ABC)



  • Portions for 600 guests (guest counts will be supplied two weeks and one week prior to the event)

  • Staff to run your booth and greet guests

  • Proof of insurance (required by University)

  • 10x10 branded pop-up (optional)

  • 6-foot branded table linen (optional)

  • Decorations and marketing materials for your table and booth

  • Special signage & marketing banners for your booth

  • Company logo - a high resolution .eps or .jpg for use in electronic and print promotion/materials

  • Cook tops if needed (please also supply required fire extinguisher if needed)

  • Chafing dishes and serving dishes

  • Utensils for cooking and serving (we will provide utensils for guests, forks, spoons, etc.)

  • Cutting boards, towels, and sanitizer

  • Plates, bowls, large serving trays for presentations

  • Please dress in your chef's best - reflecting your business

  • Hot box/cooler to keep your food warm or cold

  • Heat lamps (if needed)

  • Small serving plates, cups, utensils (discretionary)

  • Jockey box (breweries) or other means of dispensing

  • Donation for event silent auction (optional)

Contact Info
Michelle Romans, Director of Alumni Engagement  |  760.750.4410
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